Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Links of the week

Here is one reason eGullet can be worth checking: An entire thread devoted to "obsessive coffee fetishes," beginning with (and it is JUST the beginning) how the the lid should go on takeout coffee: with the opening exactly opposite the cup's seam. (Because the seam leaks, and this way you can sip without looking.)

From Salon comes the intriguing sentence: "I decided to tackle the project of painting all the presidents with ham."

Sign of the apocalypse: Rolling Stone Restaurant & Lounge opens Nov. 21 in Los Angeles. “(This) captures the essence of the magazine and is the ideal extension of our brand," said Jann Wenner, founder and publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine. Says the press release: "The 10,500-sq. ft. space is distinguished by a 'vintage chic' design, a facile interplay between 19th-century European bohemia and modern American bravura." The menu includes small plates, snacks such as soft pretzel knots with beer cheese fondue; "mini sandos" (sandwiches?); entrees such as pan-roasted wild striped bass and organic herbed chicken; and an emphasis on "American preparations, and flavors infused from Asia and Europe."
I give it six months.