Monday, June 20, 2011

Soul Food Festival

July 2 at Rural Hill in Huntersville, look for the Soul Food Festival, an outdoor music and food event put on in a dozen venues around the country. Here, food from La'Wan's, Sadie's, Nana's, Bite Your Tongue, Bodricks and caterers Dave & Fran will be offered, along with old-school R&B music by Cameo, After Seven, Confunkshun and more. Organizers say the 2010 events helped provide four college scholarships and helped 22 youth get GEDs. Admission is $22 and up; details at or 888-695-0888.


Anonymous said...

Charlotte beware! I have attended this event in years past and felt I had to share my experience so that my fellow Charlotteans wouldn't waste their time and hard earned money as I did.

This is a mismanaged and shameful cash grab at best. The promoters do a wonderful job of reminding every attendant that they are nothing but an ATM and a unappreciated one at that.

I LOVE soul food and will be spending my money elsewhere.

Long live Charlotte!

Anonymous said...

I agree!!! Real talk.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to take the time to express how awful this festival was in Charlotte/Huntersville.  First the location was not appropriate.  It was down a rural country road that took some people three hours to drive 2 miles.  There was not sufficient lighting so when the event ended you were roaming around in the pitch black looking for your car among the 100's.  No presence of security so as a young female walking the event didn't really feel all the secure.  The worst part was the food.  There were maybe 4 different food vendors that seemed to be connected as they all served the same stuff (fried fish!!!) not even a third of all the different food you show on your website.  I can get fried fish any time of the week.  And $15 a plate for fried fish and bread???  I would never ever tell anyone to go to this should it come back to Charlotte.  I'm more than positive that there are 100's that feel like I do.  I left the event around 10pm and over Groups of people asking for their money back because they were just arriving after being on that crazy one lane, one way out road for three hours.  Massive improvements are needed on this event in order for it to truly be successful.  Good luck in the other states!