Monday, August 17, 2009

Fran's back!

Fran Scibelli, whom you may remember from Metropolitan Bakery at Foxcroft and prior Charlotte ventures, is back, with Fran's Filling Station at 2410 Park Road in Dilworth.

(And yes, despite the fact I am on vacation -- which readers tell me I should note, to explain the infrequency of Web posts -- the restaurant scene grows apace.)

"I did a lot of soul-searching before deciding to open another restaurant," she says, before deciding she really wanted the feedback she couldn't get catering. "And I still thought there wasn't anyplace like the kind of place I want to eat. Not genre-specific, where you can get lots of different flavors. No foie gras, no truffle sauce, just good food… We're jeans and not high heels." (She also figures there's not much difference between what people now call a gastropub and what used to be called an American bistro.)

Lunch brings 11 specialty sandwiches, house-roasted turkey and roast beef, house-baked bread ("just for ourselves!" not for retail sale, she hastens to specify), salads and soups. Dinner is categorized thusly: noshes and nibbles; something crispy, something from the sea, something green, like mom made, and between the bread. Rosemary-grilled chicken breast and slow-roasted beef (pot roast) top the price list at $13.

"You can eat a little heavier (here) or eat leanly. We do have bacon-wrapped tater tots (with maple-black-pepper-rosemary glaze) but we also have seared tuna."

Lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday; 704-372-2009.


MLP said...

I will definitely check this out! Fran has been missed. Charlotte dining has just gotten a little more exciting.

Sheldon said...

Fran, the atmosphere, the staff, the prices and most importantly the food are each delightful.
All combine to create a marvelous experience.

Anonymous said...

I ate there the day they opened and it was so good. I had the Thanksgiving Everyday sandwich and it was fabulous. The fresh baked bread was really good. We are going back on Thursday!