Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pizza updates

Donatos (multiple locations) is adding "hand tossed" pizzas to its lineup; its research showed that crust style was preferred by "as many as 50 percent" of consumers. A sweet Italian sauce, new pepperoni and dipping sauces (marinara or buttery garlic) accompany the intro; the new crust joins thin and thicker crust styles at Donatos (and that's right, with no apostrophe). And for the first time in company history, these pies will be "pie-cut," not sliced into squares.

In other news: Dale Boone from Atlanta became the first person to meet the nearly-two-year-old Paventi's Challenge: consuming a 32-inch pizza -- including 4.5 pounds of dough and 2 pounds of mozzarella -- in 42 minutes and winning a $500 jackpot. Want to try your luck? The jackpot has been replenished at Paventi's Pizzeria, 6434-D W. Sugar Creek Road; 704-509-4404.