Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Bite: Fran's

The food: Lots of flavor is what owner Fran Scibelli was known for at her Metropolitan Cafe years ago, and that aspect is back -- but this is a more varied menu. Comfort foods (in the "like mom made" menu category) include the Metro meatloaf, plus a bowl of two fat meatballs in wonderful marinara, rosemary-grilled chicken breast with onion rings, "Thanksgiving on a plate" (house-roasted turkey and trimmings), and more. But there's also mussels many ways, Maryland-style crab cakes, burgers, Italian beef sandwiches, Nicoise salad and truly fabulous fries, served with your choice of blue cheese and herbs, goat-cheese ranch dressing or "secret spicy sprinkle." Don't miss the bone-suckingly great crispy ribs.

The look: Scibelli used photos done by a friend to set the warm Western tone of the place, and painted-top tables between rustic clay-red-with-wisps-of-teal walls keep pace.

The servers: T-shirts and jeans clue you to get comfy, and they're well-educated on the offerings.

The details: Lunch (about $7-$9) and dinner ($7-$13); 2410 Park Road; 704-372-2009.


Anonymous said...

I've been twice for lunch and it's FABULOUS! The house roasted meats (I've had both the chicken and the beef) are tasty and tender. Portions are perfect and the price is right. I'm tempted not to spread the word because I don't want to have to wait when I go back. The Scibelli family definitely knows the secret to success in the restaurant biz!

Anonymous said...

I had dinner at Fran's last night and loved it! Its a great addition to the Charlotte dining scene. Casual, delicious and affordable with an inventive menu.