Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hungry? Really REALLY hungry?

Eat Here Now has a new item: the "Button Popper Challenge."

It begins with a triple-patty burger with all the trimmings and a pound of fries. Eat all this in record time -- or try a larger burger and more fries. If you win, the restaurant pays for your meal and posts your picture on its Wall of Fame. Don't finish and you end up on the Wall of Shame. "The entire restaurant gets involved," says owner Andy Henson.

The current record time for the triple-patty burger and pound of fries (which costs $9.99) is 4 minutes 47 seconds. The Ultimate Button Popper contest, a 2-pound burger and 2 pounds of fries, holds a record time of 30 minutes. Eat Here Now is open Monday-Saturday for lunch and dinner; 2016 Ayrsley Town Blvd.; 704-499-9999.


Anonymous said...

EHN is a great find. The food is inexpensive (most meals are ~$8) and everything we've tried has tasted great!

Anonymous said...

I think they flipped that. If you finish all that food, you should be on the wall of SHAME!

Anonymous said...

The last comment must be from someone that couldn't finish the popper.

Anonymous said...

Amazing food! My husband finished the button popper with time to spare, and then to everyone's horror ordered the chocolate cake.