Monday, August 16, 2010

Best fast food, according to Zagat

Zagat just finished its rating (or rather, 6,000+ voters' rating) of chains, both fast food and full service. And the winner of Top Food in Fast Food ("mega chain" division)? ... Wendy's. Bonefish Grill tops the full-service places in food. Take a look here.

This is making the Web rounds, despite the fact it apparently happened in January, but it's still amazing film (and on the BBC, no less!). My favorite moment: At the very end, when the next car drives up. Really? They waited behind this?

How to find bargains on a wine list? Here are thoughts -- the first is a little too duh for me, but the last is terrific.


Anonymous said...

It was very interesting to see the immense disparity in quality between the "large" fast-food chains and the "mega" chains. Is there something that happens to a chain once it achieves a certain size that prevents its food from being edible? Do the "mega" chains have such an emphasis on price that they sacrifice most elements of quality?

discourser said...

So will all fast food chains now have "Zagat rated" stickers on the doors and drive up windows? McDonalds - Zagat rated!!!

I always questioned whether or not that was a true recommendation. Rated what? Excellent, good, bad? Now I know to just ignore the sign and not trust it.

dining room table said...

I am waiting for this result. I knew that Wendy's Bonefish Grill is going to crown as the best fast food. That is my favorite place if I want to relax and eat.

Anonymous said...

Yes actually - I went to a Wendy's yesterday and they had the Zagat rated sticker on their door. I did a double take, but now I know why!