Monday, January 3, 2011

What to look for in '11

Here's what some media are predicting for the new year. Among my favorite ideas: Dirt. Bunnies. Eating for sex. (What?)

Bon Appetit's ideas.

The Food Channel's.

Trade pub National Restaurant News's.

Technomic's (a food service research and consulting firm).

Baum and Whiteman's (another consultant firm), which includes the immortal "gross is good."

Think anybody's right here? (And yes, there's a lot of overlap.) What do you anticipate seeing?


Mathew Vincent said...

From the bonappetit post: "(I)ntrepid chefs can find and cook well with moss, lichen, pine needles, seaweed and hay." What's in store for 2012? That accidentaly hooked old, submerged-for-decades boot?

Reading these articles leaves one with a feeling 2011 will be a breakout year for mainstreaming the foodie/"locavore" lifestyle. Fresher ingredients, adventurous pallets, a respect for origins (both historical and geographic). All these things sound great at first glance.

Maybe we do need a farmer (and a fisherman) to be our next celebrities. If we have a likable ambassador to educate us with every step in contemporary food production, then we can all expect better food all the time.

With all these trends, I hope to see the biggest one is cooking at home. For regular folk, "beans" aren't such a revelation or a trend so much as a staple. I worry about the inflationary effects these "trends" might have on the cheap stuff. The good cheap stuff.

And here's a trend I'd like to see in Charlotte for 2011: more people visiting Compare Foods on Independence. I was talking about blood sausage at work the other day and someone mentioned I should visit this grocery store. They had it, pre-packaged and some made on the premises. Just go. You probably will not leave empty handed. You probably will not hear any English spoken. And you probably will not spend half as much as you would at a specialty food store.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Vincent is dead-on when it comes to Compare Foods. I recommend the HUGE one off South Blvd in the old Winn-Dixie location - out near where the WalMart used to be. I guess I'm becoming a crusty old-timer, telling where things are by the names of the things that used to be there. Anyway, the Compare Foods off South Blvd is bigger than the one on Independence and has more selection, to my reckoning. In regard to the articles on food trends, I'll be sure to put some extra nutmeg on my wife's Painkiller cocktails from now on. : - )