Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chef Hibbs back

Chef Mark Hibbs returns to Charlotte restaurants with the new Blackthorne Restaurant & Bar, which opened last week at Ballantyne. Hibbs, former chef-owner of the defunct Ratcliffe on the Green, says the concept is New American Bistro, with some of the former Ratcliffe entrée favorites, such as braised lamb shank and roasted Poulet Rouge chicken, plus a lengthy lineup of appetizers and small plates, from seared duck breast crostini to fried quail in a bucket. Owners are Tim and Jay Duffy, new to the restaurant business. 11318 N. Community House Road; 704-817-5554.


Anonymous said...

Ratcliffe went down for a reason. When you come back to re invent yourself, dont come back with the same fried quail in a bucket. sounds like a 1 trick pony. I'm not impressed yet.

Anonymous said...

Where is this- what is the old space?

Anonymous said...

I've been several times and each time has been wonderful. (Fried quail is more of a novelty, but it's cute.) Located in Ballantyne, behind Skillets and Genghis Grill, it has Ballantyne's only roof-top bar.
Short Rib wraps, short ribs and salmon have been fave entrees when we've been, and the duck confit french dip was heavenly.