Friday, February 15, 2013

Links of the week

See, back in the day -- the '60s day -- some places cared about what really matters in life. See for more. (With hat tip to colleague Trent Roberts.)

Looks as if the kitchen at The Admiral, one of my favorites in Asheville -- and maybe anywhere -- is getting a major shakeup. Ah, well: Buxton Hill Barbecue and The Bull and Beggar are great names ...

And I do love me some good food ink... That vegan tat is cool, but the recipe for hummus? Amazing.


Harry said...


Helen Schwab said...

Perhaps. And as for the coffee story, The Chronicle did a whole followup. Best quote from stories -- this was a three-part series! on 1A!! -- has to be: "(The state of coffee) is a staggering example of cultural decay, civic irresponsibility and an ugly denial of the American complusion (sic) to make things better.
"The basic evil in this whole gastronomic indignity is, of course, that San Franciscans may consume so much abominable coffee they will be unable to recognize, let alone welcome, a coffee renaissance if it ever occurs.
"Even now, it may be too late."