Monday, June 17, 2013

NPR asks Southerners 'What's your food identity?'

It's like StoryCorps for eaters! The Southern Foodways Alliance, Whole Foods Market and Georgia Organics are doing something called "The Spoken Dish," a video storytelling project designed to document food memories and rituals of the American South. (Personal favorite so far: The girl who talks about her "port-bul fra-r." I'd watch them all at once but that 10-second intro is a mite long for me to take.)

The project is seeking input. Producer Kate Medley asks "What food tradition in your life reflects time, place, and people, or evokes a specific memory?" You can share with them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, using #aspokendish.

(And a hat tip to @Smedette for the alert.)

Wait: New favorite is about the "redneck Durian." Seriously, y'all, these are fun.