Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keep thinking internationally ...

A reminder that a series on international fare available in Charlotte starts Friday, with cool videos online, and I'm asking for your contributions. I've got a list, but would love to add your suggestions. Instagram or Tweet them with the hashtag #foodforhelen (and email me if you Instagram; several have and I can't see them because I don't know to follow you!), share them here or on Facebook, or email me at hschwab@charlotteobserver. We'll publish them by region, and Africa's up first. (That's Jamile Sheikh of Jamile's, and the Somalian deliciousness that is chicken suqaar, above, by The O's Davie Hinshaw.)

In the interim, check out Zagat's list of 10 cuisines that are up-and-coming. Do you know which Charlotte's already got going on?