Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another uptown closing

Harper's will close its uptown ToGoGo site at 121 W. Trade St. after Friday. Harper's director of operations, Steve Seitz, said a proposed rent increase "forced us to close that business" but that many of its customer favorites will be incorporated at Harper's Grill, which is at the end of that block (at 129 W. Trade St.). Included among those is the make-your-own salad bar, which Seitz says will be offered at the Grill for lunch. Fried chicken, pulled pork and more will also be sold at the Grill. Takeout salads and sandwiches, and beverages, will be offered "within a short time," Seitz said, and catering and delivery will continue out of the Grill kitchen.


Anonymous said...

I work in that building. While Harpers around the corner its not nearly as useful as popping downstairs for a cold beverage or a breakfast sandwich. First the BBQ place now this. Oh well, progress I guess. Just more of my lunch money going to Hooters.