Monday, July 13, 2009

New restaurant in Plaza-Midwood

Look for Café Central to open quietly sometime at the beginning of next week at 1401 Central Ave., if all goes according to plan. Peter Herrero, whom you may remember from uptown’s Café 521 years ago, is at the helm of this place, which he says will offer “New York bar food… but a little more rounded.”

That means burgers from meat ground in-house, couscous, sandwiches big enough to sustain an extra few slices of bread (on the house, and from Nova, says Herrero), some pastas, salads, gelati and more.

Herrero, whose Café Central in New York City was called “a saloon that’s also a salon” by People magazine in 1984, has done consulting the past 15 years, but steps again into the fray with this venture, in a multi-tenanted building that will also house a theatrical “black box.” Expect nothing over about $17 and most things less, and details such as housemade mozzarella and stocks with no salt; says Herrero, “I don’t have any salt in my diet, so NO ONE will have salt.” James Hobday, formerly of Upstream, is in the kitchen.


David McKnight said...

Now I definitely have to get a music gig back home in Charlotte so I can go back to the old neighborhood (Plaza-Midwood) and see what's up at Cafe Central!

David McKnight

Anonymous said...

No salt...yummmm...can't wait...Grand Opening...Grand Closing.

Anonymous said...

Biked past it tonight and it definitely is a sharp looking place. Can't wait to try it! I doubt it can hang with Lulu though.

Charlotte Bobcats Fan said...

Between 1401 Central, Common House, and The Nook, Plaza Midwood is getting spoiled by all its new restaurant options.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting little restaurant in Plaza
Midwood/Central Ave.! East
Moho's reemergence is being powered by Charlotte's culinary engine. With these great restauranteurs and chefs jumping in it will soon be Charlotte's worst kept secret.