Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New SouthPark restaurant: The Cowfish

As in The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar.

When he describes the concept, says partner Marcus Hall, owner of eeZ Fusion & Sushi at Birkdale, "most folks look at me like I have snakes coming out of my ears. They ask: 'How do you expect to market something like that?' and I say, 'Well, you just looked at me like I have snakes coming out of my ears: It should be easy.' "

The idea is to pair a fusion sushi place (not traditional, notes Hall) with a comfortable burger bar, and give proper attention to each: "the best fusion sushi in town and the best burger in town, in a place you can come with your kids or when you've just got done at the gym ... (but also a place you can) propose to your girlfriend. You can spend 8-10 bucks at lunch or dinner or spend $100 a head if you're going a la carte sushi."

Hall began with the Birkdale site five years ago as a franchise out of Canada, and when that didn't quite work, went independent, "tweaked and massaged it and now it works!" He'd been looking for a second location for some time. Now plans call for partners Alan Springate of The Counter by SouthPark, with Hall and Louis Camire, to fold the Counter's space and that of the former Grape into the new venture.

Look for a July-or-so opening, with renovation beginning on the Grape side, to keep closing time to a minimum for the Counter space, says Hall.

The menu at eeZ will give you a good sense of what's to come, sushi-wise, at the new place, but you can also expect "burgushi": "rollers" are sushi rolls made of burger components, such as one with seasoned ground beef and jalapeno, rolled with sushi rice and nori, tempura-battered and fried. Then there's "pick-up" sushi: a sandwich made with sushi components -- a sushi-rice-filled patty loaded with sashimi or Asian slaw.

"It's going to be weird and wild," Hall says, who's also at work on "The Legend of the Cowfish," a children's story about a cow and a fish who buddy up to create their dream place.

"It's fun to be able to create."


Unknown said...

I LOVE MARCUS HALL!!! he is a friend from church. had no idea about this restaurant. if it's as good as eez (from the food to the whole vibe, it'll be great.)
can't wait to try it out!

Steven said...

I cannot say enough great things about Marcus as well. We have known each other for years and have thoroughly enjoyed the food at Eez. When he told me about Cowfish I thought my buddy had lost it. My wife and I have been a guinea pig on some of the new "Burgushi" products and they are incredible. My wife and I agreed that we know it sounds wild but you must try it out.

Anonymous said...

I live in Mooresville and go to eEZ sushi in Birkdale all the time. I love it. I was headed to COUNTER BURGER in Southpark yesterday and was surprised to find that M5 changed to ZINK and The COUNTER would soon become a GREAT SUSHI restaurant. Currently Nikko's holds my favorite sushi pieces and it looks like this new concept is going to STEAL the show. I can't wait!