Friday, March 12, 2010

Survey Monkey fun

A Tweet this morning directs folks to a survey that asks which name you like best for the following description:

"Enjoy the feel of a speakeasy parlor, tucked in Charlotte’s art’s district, and marked with it’s (sic) ability to mosh qualities of the old world with the new. With a down-to-earth atmosphere, this place is inexplicably able to draw visitors back to the turn of the 20th century when good beer, community gathering and homemade food were the only way – and it touts a menu intelligently crafted to pair hearty grub with good quality American craft beer. Often you can find groups of people selecting growlers (64oz glass vessels) poured from the tap, for their table to share communally, and enjoying their favorite sport on one of the large-screen TVs."

The options: Pourhouse Market , Pourhouse Republic, Growler’s Pourhouse, Locke & Loiter Pourhouse, Next Door Pourhouse,
Pourhouse & People.

So we're apparently headed for the Pourhouse...


Anonymous said...

here's the link to the survey!