Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jewel and steaks?

Morton's The Steakhouse hosts an album launch/high-def concert June 7 with singer-songwriter Jewel. The idea: She sings songs from the new album "Sweet and Wild" (and more), broadcast to Morton's and other places in more than 75 cities across the United States and Australia. Viewers can request songs, ask her questions live, and use HD cameras at each venue, perhaps getting themselves live on the air as well. They'll also get what the press release calls "an intimate look at how Jewel prepared for the concert." Hmm. And yes, they'll eat, too: The $100 ticket includes a filet mignon dinner and an autographed copy of the new album. Info:
http://www.velocityboxoffice.com/product.aspx?zpid=518. Morton's: 227 W. Trade St.; 704-333-2602.


Arcola V. Tisdale said...

you're a journalist, right? Surely you could've come up with a snappier/more humorous line than "Jewel and Steaks"?

No wonder bloggers continue to replace you and your ilk at an alarming rate.