Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Catching up with Restaurant Week

Catching up after time away (which included bacalao, Becco and bugs; I'll post a bit on that later). Let's get going:

Charlotte Restaurant Week approaches. For the uninitiated: $30 gets you three courses (occasionally more) at a multitude of restaurants around town July 16-25, so you can try some you've been meaning to get to, or return to old favorites at a possible savings. Check out the options here. This is the fifth Week, and 88 locations are participating. The website breaks them down geographically, and you can see each menu as well.

Tips for any Restaurant Week:

1. The 30 bucks doesn't include drinks (unless noted), or tips, so don't feel cheated when your part goes over $30. On the other hand, if you're intent on a bargain experience, don't be talked into ordering sides, extra courses or a multitude of wine. Have a plan and execute it, and everybody goes home happy.
2. Read the menus beforehand. A restaurant may not be offering its signature dishes in the deal meal -- know that before you go. Note meat weights, where given, and don't be afraid to ask if they're not. Likewise, ask about what sides come with the CRW deal.
3. Make reservations and be prompt. This can be a crazy-busy time for the restaurants involved and your timeliness helps everyone. The best staffs will be prepared and gracious throughout, no matter what (and the best kitchens will give you top-notch quality), but even the best can be thrown by folks who show up very late.