Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Talk about uptown dining

Tell us what you think about the uptown dining choices: Too much, too little or juuuuuust right? And why?


Anonymous said...

Uptown dining choices are pretty average. For lunch, if you got to a "casual" sit-down place and get a drink other than water and a standard entree, you're on the hook for around $10-15 after tip. Best lunch offerings:

- Fast food (Showmars, Chick-fil-A, Bojangles, etc)
- Pizza by slice (Libretto's, Pie in the Sky in Latta)
- Asian (TinTin, Soho Bistro, Fujiyama in Latta)
- Deli (Phil's, Jason's, Harris Teeter)
- Meat and Veg (Lola's or King's Kitchen....expensive but at least proceeds go to charity)
- Italian (Coco, Luce)
- Burger (Nix, RiRa, etc)

These are just the places that I typically go to because I don't bring my lunhc...but there are really no destination restaurants uptown that I would choose for a special occasion. Maybe BLT or Captial Grille, but can't you just as easily go to Del Frisco's or Palm and get the same experience??

The bigger issue is that there are no dives or hidden gems...I think high rents have something to do with that.

Anonymous said...

I think there are several dives and hidden gems Uptown...Green's, Simmons Fourth Ward, Alexander Michaels, the Grateful Growers Truck, Havana Cuban and Metropolitan Cafe come to mind. Overall, I think Uptown has a pretty good range of restaurants. A good tapas or small plate place like Zambra in Asheville would be a nice addition.