Monday, March 31, 2014

Watch Daniel Boulud live, plus Bits and Crumbs

On the new lunch and dinner lineups at e2 emeril’s eatery (and dubbed “'New New Orleans cuisine' — but with a Carolinas accent" by its press: grilled half chicken seasoned with New Orleans’ Community Coffee barbecue sauce and served with roasted vegetables and “street” corn ($24); praline braised bacon with Bosc pear, mint and pickled ciopollini onions ($9); and wood-oven-roasted grouper with mussels and black Carolina rice ($26). 135 Levine Avenue of the Arts; 704-414-4787.

This sure is a lot of white guys.

This is completely and totally cool: The James Beard House, which routinely has renowned chefs visiting and cooking, put some cameras in the kitchen and you can watch them live on streaming video. I think Daniel Boulud just asked someone to put "some rock and roll on"... (I was glancing at it on March 31, about quarter to six, and many lovely Frenchmen were trying to cook while simultaneously figuring out where exactly the cameras were.)