Friday, March 28, 2014

Tippers: Is this you? (You're not from Delaware, are you?)

Square, that cool little mechanism that lets you swipe your credit card in a vendor's phone (and the service company that runs it), analyzed millions of U.S. transactions, reports Quartz, and found North Carolinians tip third-highest in the country, following only Alaska and Arkansas (!).

Delaware's at the bottom, averaging 14 percent to the N.C. 16.8 (Alaska tips 17%); and while Square is dealing with only credit card transactions, "Those numbers are pretty consistent with what we’ve found,” said Michael McCall, teaches consumer behavior at Ithaca.

Are you in this tipping ballpark when dining out? (Find your home state, if it's other than those, at the link. And the photo comes from, accompanying a tasteless tipping guide, should you choose to Google it, which I am not suggesting you do.)