Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ready for some alpaca, possum and black chicken?

Look for a dinner July 31 that's off the beaten path at Passion8: Chef Luca Annunziata says his "Exotic Elements Dinner" will feature alpaca, possum, black chicken (the Silkie breed, which has black skin, as shown in a New York Times photo above), a cake made with cricket meal, and Rocky Mountain oysters. (I hate to ruin the surprise, but these are calf testicles.) Chef de cuisine Evan Micek emailed: “Some of the proteins may change, but this is the course in which we are headed now. It will be prepared in a modern eclectic style showcasing the main exotic item!”

Five courses for $62; 803-802-7455; 3415 Highway 51 N, Fort Mill.


Anonymous said...

Any update on when the Charlotte Passion8 location will open?

Helen Schwab said...

Annunziata says he's aiming at mid-September; I'll post when it's more certain.