Friday, April 24, 2009

Healthy eating uptown?

Readers had plenty of suggestions for a soul seeking sustenance without guilt in the uptown Charlotte area:

* Therapy Marketplace & Cafe (under renovation currently), particularly the Granny Smith Delight, a sandwich ("on 7-grain when I get it," writes our recommender) made of Granny Smith apples, Brie, carrots, mixed greens, raisins and a Dijon mustard sauce.

* The Pita Pit (which gets a plug from a high school track parent).

* The Original SoupMan (214 N. Tryon St.), particularly the Al's 5 Bean Soup, which our recommender says has no trans fats and is only 3 Weight Watchers points per cup.

* blynk organic (especially the combos).

* Brixx, especially the whole-wheat crust pizzas.

* Mimosa Grill and Rock Bottom for salad diversity.

* Jason's Deli, recommended by several readers, who note the salad bar and free soft serve ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Therapy has been under renovation for almost a prediction...another bogus uptown restaurant bites the's a shame that Lola's got swept into their web.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that all you can eat ice cream qualifies as healthy eating.

Anonymous said...

"Jason's Deli, recommended by several readers..." are you kidding me?? It is a CHAIN deli. It tastes like a chain deli. Charlotte, GROW UP!! Get out and try something other than pulled pork, slaw, and chain restaurants.