Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Herbs for Austin's

Rosemary Pete is Pete Vinci, who sells herbs at area farmers markets and loves Caribbean food. Which explains why he'd be unhappy at the thought that Austin's Caribbean Cuisine (345 S. Kings Drive, near the Metropolitan development with Target and Trader Joe's) might suffer in these economic times.

So he's offering what he modestly terms a "deal of a lifetime": Get some of Austin's takeout food anytime in May and he'll give you a coupon for $2 off anything Pete sells at the regional Saturday market at 1801 Yorkmont Road, including dried herbs, plants, fresh produce and more. A few rules: You have to get Austin's to stamp your receipt, since its logo isn't printed on them. You get a coupon for every receipt you have, but you can't use them together to get more than $2 off a single purchase from Pete.