Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Groody's back!

Longtime star chef Tim Groody will be in the slated-for-June-1 (or so) Flatiron Kitchen & Tap House in Davidson.

Groody, known for being at the fore of chefs focusing on local ingredients in this area, says Davidson "is perfect for what I do. It's family, it's fun ... That's where it should be done." He is "still playing" with the menu, but notes they'll have "a really good burger. I'm working on a good bun. We'll have a hot dog, and Kobe steaks, and all in between." Plans call for the kitchen design to be ironed out this week, and he and partners Michael LaVecchia and Chad Hollingsworth are scheduled to see the first set of plans next week. The restaurant will be in the Stowe building, a 21,000-square-foot venture at Main and South streets.

Groody says he plans to get help creating a Facebook page on which to post progress of the restaurant's development. (Lest you think Facebook isn't crucial: A friend of his did a Facebook poll on the restaurant's name, offering several options, and Groody notes Flatiron did "very well.")


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