Monday, February 1, 2010

New wings place

Buffalo Wings & Rings, a franchise of an Ohio-based chain, is slated to open to the public Feb. 3 at 16715 Orchard Stone Run in Ballantyne. The chain features wings (regular and boneless) and tenders with nine sauces, plus rings (circular fries, although the place does also have onion rings), burgers, salads and more. Twenty-three high definition plasma TVs will be available for sports fans, along with arcade games and a working whiskey still in the bar. 704-543-9464;


Anonymous said...

This isn't related to wings, but driving to work this morning I saw the new Dressler's sign on the Metropolitan bldg. When's it opening? I'm curious to see this place, I don't often venture up to Huntersville!

Helen Schwab said...

It is slated to open Feb. 8, A.