Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Running a Mother's Day brunch? E-mail me details at hschwab@charlotteobserver.com; we're planning a roundup for May 7.


Karl Hellenthal said...

you would think a food editor would able to actually spell 'restaurateur" correctly.

Helen Schwab said...

Thanks for the close eye, Karl. That's the preferred spelling, though some do it differently. Just wanted you to know it wasn't carelessness...

Charlotte's Chefs said...

How is that a preferred spelling? Leaving the letter N out of restauranteur? Step down already and let's get some fresh blood in the Dining section!!! You're a has been, like the steakhouse era in SouthPark that you hated.....out with the old!!

Helen Schwab said...

Notwithstanding my seniority, I post this for spelling aficionados who might worry:
From Merriam-Webster's:
Main Entry: res·tau·ra·teur
Pronunciation: \ˌres-tə-rə-ˈtər\
Variant(s): also res·tau·ran·teur \-ˌrän-\
Function: noun
Etymology: French restaurateur, from Late Latin restaurator restorer, from Latin restaurare
Date: 1796
: the operator or proprietor of a restaurant.