Thursday, September 30, 2010

Green pizza

Wolfman Pizza now uses the eco-friendly GreenBox™, which is so cool that no less an authority than Fox News has dubbed it the pizza box of the 21st century (Ashton Kutcher said it was cool on Twitter, too, if you're more about him than Fox). Made from 100 percent recycled material, its top breaks into four plates, so you don't need paper plates (or to use the energy and resources to clean regular plates), and the bottom converts into a storage container for leftovers, so you don't need foil or plastic bags.

District manager Bailey Dunmire of Wolfman (multiple locations) said in an e-mail release: “A lot of green products are eco-friendly, and that’s great, but they also cost five to ten times more... (This is) right in line with other pizza box costs." Inventor Ecovention's William Walsh said Wolfman is the first restaurant in the Carolinas to use the box.