Monday, September 13, 2010

Nude sushi models Uptown

Enso at the EpiCentre celebrates its one-year anniversary Sept. 16 with "traditional Asian entertainment, including sushi demonstrations and nude sushi models." What that means is exactly what you think -- if what you're thinking is women on whom sushi is artfully arranged and displayed (meaning they're stationary), for diners to appreciate.

Also on tap, says special events coordinator Jennifer Lloyd: hardcore "freestyle runners," dressed in ninja black, "jumping around everywhere, anywhere there's room, inside and out" from 8:30-10; sushi artists (Enso's top three) performing sushi demos, including some knife-show stuff; and a come-one-come-all sumo wrestling event. Sort of -- contestants don enormously padded bodysuits and helmets and get in the ring, mostly for comedic value, notes Lloyd. Expect the event's components (including an early-evening appearance by radio's Ace & TJ) to go into the wee hours.

210 E. Trade St.; 704-716-3676;


stephl said...

Just starting to read your blog...and I just know that it is going to be a "must read" for me.

One quick question though:
My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary next week. We have completely stopped eating out, with our new economy, going through layoffs, etc...we just couldn't afford it anymore.

So, we are out of the loop a bit. I wanted to go to Ratcliffe on the Green, for their tasting menu, but see they are closed.

We are looking for fine dining, preferrably a wonderful chef's tasting menu, impeccable food. Where would you recommend?