Monday, October 18, 2010

Phat Burrito to franchise

Phat Burrito will franchise, says Patty Dowdy on behalf of National Restaurant Properties. Founder Stephen Justice opened the California-style burrito place a dozen years ago in South End (before it was South End!). National Restaurant Properties will be the sole franchise broker and efforts will "begin regionally and eventually take over the world," says the press release -- which hastens to add that the South End store will remain the only location within 100 miles of Charlotte.

None are in the works yet, says Dowdy.


Jeff said...

Overrated. Johnny Burrito is better.

lkmi said...

Good news for those who can't get to SouthEnd; PhatBurrito is good eats!.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Phat Burrito. It is a great concept and I hope they can maintain quality and style at other locations.

Anonymous said...

There goes another one. With franchising comes necessary McDonaldization of service, process, and flavor. And before you say "wait, maybe THESE guys can hold on..." they can't. It's inevitable. If you don't limit your growth, at SOME point you have to sell to the vast middle, and compromise to meet the middle's expectations of consistency and mediocre flavor. It is the middle after all.

Shame. They were good.

Anonymous said...

At least its not the Penguin franchising. There is nothing magic about Phat Burrito except cool name and fairly good burritos.

Sunday is last night for the Penguin. Killed by greed.

I think the owners are sad and don't feel like a party. I'll be there though.