Thursday, October 28, 2010

Northside loses a restaurant

After three years at Huntersville's Birkdale Village, Positano will close after Oct. 30. Owner Augusto Conte says he is "looking to other Charlotte locations for our next venture." He cites an "unsuccessful lease negotiation attempt" for the decision on Positano, and notes that uptown's Luce and Coco Osteria remain open. (Toscana and MezzaNotte are open, too.)


Anonymous said...

Thi is a tragedy. One would think that Birkdale would work to keep this gem in the neighborhood. We will miss everything about Positano -- mostly the fine people who work there and have become our good friends. Bad move, Birkdale management. See you at Luce, Augusto!

Anonymous said...

Very sad indeed -- as a Birkdale resident that frequents the shops, the Management Company would rather see a NON-PERFORMING empty building with a lost tax and job base. Goob business kudos here ! There is more to the story that just thisif you look deeper into the lease "politics"