Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chef news

Blake Hartwick is now executive chef at Something Classic; he's been at the Greenbrier most recently, but Charlotteans may remember him from Andrew Blair's, Las Ramblas and Bonterra.

And chef Bryan Emperor of Kalu has topped the Southeast category in the Food & Wine magazine voting for readers' choice of best new chef of the year. That puts him up against nine other regional competitors; the People's Best New Chef title will be determined based on highest number of eligible votes received during the voting period (it ended March 1 and, truth be told, was quite wonky - the websites was swamped, I'm told).


Anonymous said...

How does this happen? I've been 3 times now, each time a worse experience than the last. He can cook for sure but being an executive chef is so much more than that.