Monday, January 14, 2013

5Church group plans new spot

The guys who put together 5Church uptown plan to open Nan and Byron’s in the former Vinnie's Sardine in South End this summer. MAP management is Mills Howell, Alejandro Torio and Patrick Whalen, with executive chef and partner Jamie Lynch. "Traditional American" is the plan right now. Torio says this means "food we grew up with" -- such as chicken pot pie, spaghetti and meatballs, barbecue meatloaf -- and prices that are "affordable"; think an entree price range with the top in the vicinity of $15. The title comes from Grant Wood's "American Gothic" and that aesthetic will also influence the decor. (Interesting!)

The address: 1714 South Blvd., where Vinnie's closed, rather suddenly, in December, after 20 years. (A Vinnie's is still open in Mooresville.)


Anonymous said...

Great news. 5Church is fantastic. These guys obviously know what they are doing. Pat Whalen (who was an excellent football player on my high school team) is a professional, as are the others. Charlotte has home-grown talent, and we are all the beneficiaries.

I'm legitimately pumped that they are taking over that property.