Monday, January 28, 2013

Oysters and crumbs

Georges Brasserie offers $1 oysters and $3 glasses of selected Champagne tonight through Jan. 31; 4620 Piedmont Row Drive; 980-219-7409.

Blue extends its three-for-$30 Restaurant Week deal through Feb. 13. 704-927-2583; Hearst Plaza uptown.

Jimmy and Carolyn Crippen, owners and founders of Crippen’s Country Inn and Restaurant plan to leave the Blowing Rock business. Jimmy Crippen says he will focus on "competition dining," such as his Fire on the Rock and accompanying contests between chefs in different geographic regions that formed the 2012 Got to Be NC food competition in 2012. (Plans call for Charlotte to be added to the range of areas.) Specific plans are not clear; the Crippens said in a press release they are "talking with potential buyers."


Anonymous said...

Say it isn't so! Crippen's is such a wonderful place with phenomenal food. Good luck to them!