Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Restaurant Week returns

Jan. 18-27 is the next Charlotte Restaurant Week, with more than 110 restaurants in the area taking part in this three-courses-for-$30 deal. You can see the specific lineups offered by each restaurant and make reservations, at the event website here.

Some distinctions to watch for:
* Some places offer a bonus course, glass of wine or discounted bottles or glasses of wine accompanying the deal. Typically, those are places with lower regular sticker prices on the food, but not always.
* If you’re a bargain hunter, you’ll want to pull up the place’s menu; links to restaurants’ websites are conveniently located on each restaurant’s page within the Restaurant Week site. Some places include signature dishes and regular menu items in the three-for-$30 lineup; some do more off-menu dishes. Some do smaller versions of what’s on the regular menu (check steak weights, in particular).
* Some places let you mix and match from their entire regular menus, which is the most efficient way to see if you’d want to become a regular customer. (Lots of diners do the three-for-$30 as a novelty, a reason to go somewhere they haven’t been before. Others do it for the bargain angle. But some really are auditioning a new regular destination.)

Expect places to be busy, and remember that drinks (for the most part) and tips are not included in the $30.

Places new on the CRW landscape include Amor de Brazil, Dean & DeLuca Wine Room, Heist Brewery, Napa on Providence (formerly Providence Cafe) and Peculiar Rabbit.

Excited about a particular one, or have thoughts or questions on the lineup? Let me know in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Restaurant Week is always great fun and usually great food- I have been concerned that many of the locations are using the 3 for 30.00 to you get in the door and then doing a hard sell to get you to upscale your offerings-then acting "put-out" when you opt for the Restaurant Week menu. If a business is not prepared to honor the specials and provide them a polite attitude and fitting level of customer service, they have no business particpating.

Anonymous said...

^ Can you say which locations might do that? I'd hate to make a reservation somewhere like that and be stuck!

Cara said...

I've always had great experiences with Restaurant Week. I always make reservations and have never felt pressured to upgrade from the special menu price offerings. We've been to Bonterra several times (during restaurant week & at other times) and have always been super impressed. I also discovered Bricktop's during Restaurant Week (I believe they offer their entire menu for the special price.) I'm looking forward to trying Dressler's and maybe one other new place this time around. Restaurant Week is the perfect time to check out a new restaurant, just understand that you're not dining under normal circumstances and often not the normal prices. But I love it!

Anonymous said...

This year I will try passion8 bistro they always do local food Evan for 30 dollar can't wait