Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So I drove to Cleveland to check out Rocco Whalen's place...

Well, OK, I was going that way anyway. But here's a peek at Fahrenheit, which is in the historic/hipster Tremont neighborhood (where Lolita, Michael Symon's place and one of my favorites in the area -- Cleveland, Ohio, that is - is). A second location is headed to uptown Charlotte, reportedly in September.
We tried chef Whalen's signature dish, the beef short rib, served with teriyaki lo mein noodles: A decidedly sweet edge to well-cooked, rich meat, with lots of roasted mushrooms.

Also beautiful: Seared tuna with what Whalen calls tomato-edamame fried rice and a green curry cilantro sauce with a bit of kick.

The place is handsome -- brick walls with cordovan ceilings and rustic details, all in earth tones -- and on a busy Friday night, it's loud. Worth noting: Beyond the cooking, Whalen is famous for substantial weight loss (documented on "Fat Chef" and here, and includes on his menu several "Fahren 'lite'" dishes, with calorie counts.