Monday, May 13, 2013

Tim Groody opening Fork!

Chef Tim Groody plans to open Fork! in the former Creole House in Cornelius. He and girlfriend Melanie McIntosh, plus his sister and brother-in-law, will be owners -- "It's really a family-oriented business," he says -- and he plans to "get back to my roots."

Those involve lots of use of local produce and products, a casual feel but upscale quality, and midrange prices. Charlotte-area diners know Groody from his time at defunct Sonoma, Town and other Pierre Bader restaurants, plus and Flatiron Kitchen + Taphouse in Davidson; he's currently finishing a stint as corporate chef with Frank Scibelli's restaurants.

He plans lots of small plates and appetizers, running perhaps $5 to $12, and entrees served a la carte beginning at about $13. "I'll have some little pastas, entree-size salads ... lots of heirloom tomatoes. I'd like to get back into dumplings and little bites like that, even playing more into a lot of Asian stuff, which I like to cook."

The house at 20517 N. Main St., more than 100 years old, will seat about 30 to 35 outside (it's got a big wrap-around porch) and 50 or 60 inside.