Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fire in the City continues

Results from the latest two Fire in the City matchups:

Aug. 20:
Matchup: David Feimster of Fahrenheit and David Quintana of Southminster (a retirement community).
Surprise ingredients: Olde Mecklenburg Brewing Copper Amber Ale and peaches from Pee Dee Orchards.
Highest scoring dish of the night: OMB Copper Amber Ale almond fraisier (that's a French word -- say "frez-yay" -- denoting a sweetened cake served with fruit and some kind of cream) with dark chocolate mousse, OMB dulce de leche, Pee Dee Orchards peaches (by Quintana of Southminster; see below).

Advancing: Feimster, with a score of 26.94034091 to 26.14361111.

Aug. 25:
Matchup: David Moore of Gallery and Ben Philpott of Block and Grinder.
Surprise ingredients: Garlic and okra from New Town Farms and Heritage Farms Cheshire pork rack.
Highest scoring dish of the night: Confit Heritage Farms Cheshire pork rib, cured pork and New Town Farms okra terrine, okra seed and okra pickle, papaya and prickly pear (by Moore; see below).

Advancing: Moore, with a score of 26.98105263 to 24.07513193.

Feimster and Moore face off Sept. 9.