Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fire in the City's second round begins

Fire in the City's second round has begun:

Sept. 8:
Matchup: Luca Annunziata of Passion8 and Tom Dyrness of Mama Ricotta’s.
Surprise ingredients: Joyce Farms pheasant breast and Cackalacky Cheerwine sweet sauce.
Highest scoring dish of the night: Joyce Farms pheasant breast roulade with cornbread chorizo stuffing, Cackalacky Cheerwine-glazed Heritage Farms Cheshire pork belly, fall squash hash and tomato chow-chow (by Dyrness; see below).
Advancing: Dyrness, with a score of 27.26469580 to 27.09347079.

Sept. 9:
Matchup: David Feimster of Fahrenheit and David Moore of Gallery.
Surprise ingredients: Perry Lowe Orchards Honey Crisp apples and Carolina Distillery Carriage House apple brandy.
Highest scoring dish of the night: Vanilla goat cheese panna cotta, five-spice & Carriage House apple brandy-braised apples, Perry Lowe Orchards apple chip, apple & brandy syrup (by Feimster; see below).
Advancing: Feimster, with a score of 29.39230769 to 23.51789030.

Dyrness and Feimster face off Sept. 22.