Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dine out, do good: Feast of the Hunter's Moon

A five-course antebellum-style dinner is the signature annual fundraiser for Historic Rosedale, and an interesting one it is: candle-lit, with a cocktail hour in the gardens (and "butlered hors d'oeuvres"!), and wine pairings for each course from CPCC chef Rob Marillo and others. This year's is Oct. 27 and aims to, as Rosedale executive director Deborah Hunter puts it, "recapture an entire era of elegant dining experiences." (And, since it's a historic site, its people share other tidbits, like this: The Hunter's Moon is the Native American name for the full moon closest to the Harvest Moon, while for ancient Celtic tribes, this moon was called the Moon of Ivy, the plant which in Scotland is said to harbor dancing fairies.)

On the menu: Shaved N.C. country ham with muscadine preserves, hearth-baked bread and pickled onions; acorn squash bisque with citrus and chive; baby greens with fall gourd slaw, pork belly lardons and smoked heirloom tomato jam; roasted chicken with sweet potato and freekeh (that's a grain) pilaf and glazed baby vegetables; and poached apple with brown sugar crumble and apple sorbet.

Prepaid reservations are required and non-refundable; the dinner is $155, with $70 tax-deductible: the link is here.