Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family dining

Parents magazine today released its "10 Best Fast-Casual Family Restaurants" survey, in which parents looked at 50 nationwide chains and were encouraged to honor those offering "a variety of healthy kids' menu offerings, family-friendly conveniences and overall value." (Each chain answered a survey and submitted nutritional info for all kids' menu items; parents reviewed that and answered questions about conveniences and features.)

The Charlotte area has four of the 10 -- but three of the top five. The list:

1. Cosi (none in the Carolinas)
2. Jason’s Deli
3. Noodles & Company
4. Fazoli’s (closest to Charlotte are two in Columbia)
5. Panera Bread
6. Zpizza (Cary and Raleigh)
7. Atlanta Bread (closest now is Hickory, according to web site)
8. Corner Bakery Café (none in Carolinas)
9. Taco Del Mar (none in Carolinas)
10. McAlister’s Deli


Anonymous said...

We're big fans of NOTHING BUT NOODLES over at Stone Crest. We really liked NOODLES & COMPANY, but find the kids always ask for "NBN".