Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Top Chef approaches!

The sixth season of "Top Chef" wrapped shooting in Las Vegas, says Eater, which offers photos, too, here. No definitive word (that I can find) on when the series premieres, but October looks likely.

Those who can't stand to wait can tune in June 10 to the spinoff "Top Chef Masters," which I predict will be more fun to watch for food-o-philes and less fun for thrivers on drama. (Gordon Ramsay isn't in it, for example, although -- yay! -- Wylie Dufresne and Hubert Keller are. That's Dufresne at right.) Take a look at the bios here.

The host is requisite model-turned-foodie (Kelly Choi, who, lest you give her short shrift, has a master's degree from Columbia). Judges include the requisite Gael (Greene, this time) and the requisite acid-tongued Brit. This series' is Jay Rayner. Recent review quote, musing on why chef Marco Pierre White puts his own photo on his menu: "I like to think he is offering it as a service to the diners in this restaurant. Because once you have finished your meal you can take home a copy of the menu and then throw darts at the face of the man responsible. It will give you far more satisfaction than any other part of the experience offered here."