Monday, June 8, 2009

First Bite: Brazwells

The food: Yes, its subtitle is "premium pub," and yes, fish and chips are on the list, but so are shrimp spring rolls and seared tuna as an appetizer, plus Buffalo chicken sandwiches and sirloin wedge salads -- in addition to several burgers, of course. And yes, the Matheny Burger from the site's previous incarnation as the Press Box is still around. We had truly terrific and fresh fried pickles, while the tuna fared less well, splayed as it was on a mayo-y mess of slaw with none of the promised arugula or pickled ginger. A mushroom Swiss burger had good flavor and a great bun but its accompanying fries proved greasy, limp and dull (but cut well, so there's hope). A grilled chicken sandwich stayed moist and meaty, and I'll be back for the fish and chips -- though it's only served at night, when the place gets to get packed to the gills these days.
The look: The patio out back sprawls pleasantly, with crossed lines of lights overhead. Inside, Press Box aficionados may not recognize the place: A wall of windows now fronts the room, which has pub mirrors and a bar-height table in addition to regular seating.
The service: Ours, at lunch, was congenial and fairly quick; she warned us how crazy-busy it gets at night, though, so I'd plan on things taking time then.
Quirks of note: It's named for the late Billy Braswell (yes, with an "s"), a well-loved member of Charlotte's Central High's Class of '49 known as something of a man-about-town.
Details: 1627 Montford Drive; 704-523-3500.


Anonymous said...

crazy busy is an understatement...the place has been packed the past couple of weekends...that said...THRILLED to see my favorite press box burger on their menu!!!!! Matheny all the way!!!!

Cliff said...

That area has become a pretty vibrant food/nightlife area.