Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moving pictures

  • "Food, Inc." opens nationally June 12 and tells a story of this country's industrialized food systems. Whether you find the idea alarmist, frightening or satisfying, some tough issues are broached, and, from the trailer at least, there will be plenty to talk about. You can watch the trailer and explore the Web site here. (For more news and philosophy, also check out slate.com's Food Issue here.)
  • Cutting-edge chef Grant Achatz from Chicago's Alinea posts video at the Atlantic's food page here on his new version of plating: It involves giant sheets of silicone, squirt bottles and lots of sharing. Too cool or too weird?
  • And speaking of Achatz, whose name no one can seem to remember how to pronounce: Check out this little vid on pronunciations of not only his name but several other of the stars of this sort of cooking. I especially enjoyed the bickering in comments about El Bulli...