Monday, August 22, 2011

'Manliest Restaurant in America'?

Men’s Health magazine is holding its "first annual" contest for “Manliest Restaurant in America”: Editors carved the country into nine regions, then nominated five places in each and are now inviting readers to vote here.

“The nominees represent a range of guy food in every corner of the country — from a Korean taco truck in LA to an old-school steakhouse in New York,” according to Adina Steiman, who is Men’s Health Food and Nutrition Editor and, incidentally, a woman. “We are expecting ... heated debate.”

I bet.

But nothing in Charlotte made it. Should somewhere here be there? (If readers get into this, we'll naturally also ask about the -- well, what would the accompanying gender classification be? Womanliest just doesn't quite do it. Most Ladylike? Feminininininest?

By the way, the magazine's nominees for the Southeast: Memphis's Rendezvous and Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken (yeah, right: TWO places in Memphis?); Atlanta's Bone's; the Blue Ridge Brewing Co. in Greenville, S.C.; and my completely uninformed favorite, by virtue of the enormous slogan atop its web page "Lard Have Mercy": Big Bad Breakfast in Oxford, Miss. Voting ends Sept. 21.


Anonymous said...

I had a tough time thinking about what would make a restaurant "manly". The closest I could think of in CLT is Mac's over on South Blvd.

As for most feminine, I'd think something with a light, vegetarian dominated menu. Off the top of my head, the closest I can think of is Zada Jane, though I don't necessarily consider that specific restaurant femenine from a "doily on every table" perspective.

J. Brown said...

Growlers Pour House over in NoDa not only serves craft beer galore, but they make their own sausages, hot dogs and brats. Does it get more manly than that? (Granted, they do have a cheese plate, and a couple salads, but every man has got to get his greens on).

Chef George said...

No question the most girly place in town is Pewter Rose. Most manly is a tie amongst all the power steakhouses.

Anonymous said...

Is La-Tea-Das still open? If so, girly-est restaurant ever, hands down. (And I love it!)