Monday, August 1, 2011

Why, yes, that IS a 'cue sundae

This particular layering - perhaps parfait would be a better noun - of pork, slaw and beans comes from "Big" John Crane of Matthews, and Charlotte Motor Speedway (with Levy Restaurants) is bringing it to the Food Lion AutoFair Aug. 25-28. Also at the fair (but less delicious): an exhibit of 100 years of Chevrolet automobiles, bulletproof passenger vehicles and SUVs, and more. Crane does barbecue as a sideline (he owns Crane Construction in Charlotte) and created the 'cue in a cup for his wife, who's on a gluten-free diet and wanted a barbecue sandwich at a fair, sans the bun. Nice detail: He squirts barbecue sauce over the rounded scoop of slaw to mimic a sundae's syrup. It's in a 20-ounce cup at the Speedway event and will cost $8. Info: