Monday, March 12, 2012

So much Olive Garden love...

The Grand Forks review by Marilyn Hagerty (that's her, courtesy of her paper)

that went viral is here.
Our own Tommy Tomlinson on that review: Here.
A bit of the viral-osity and some thoughtful analysis is here.
Charlotte writer Joe Posnanski, who went with Tommy, on that experience: Here.
A commenter on Joe's blog, on HIS experience: "I'm generally adverse to chain restaurants, but the Olive Garden fried lasagna is one of the greatest things I've ever put in my mouth."

And a confession: My younger daughter, when she turned 18, was taken by her friends for a birthday dinner at the Olive Garden because "Mom would never let me go." We stopped in for that dinner. The salad was marvelous.

Also on the Interwebs: Gene Simmons (yes, the Kiss one) is "parlaying his love for music into a new restaurant and entertainment venture" called Rock & Brews. The L.A. International Airport-vicinity place - just the first in a plan that includes future sites in Denver, Atlanta, Maui, Tokyo and Los Cabos - will have "an authentically themed backstage environment." Insert joke here.