Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Charlotte's '12 Days of Hot Dogs'

Come up with a winning combination of toppings and you might win one of the 12 spots in JJ's Red Hots' "12 Days of Hot Dogs" contest, starting Dec. 5. You can submit your combo and your name for it online or in the restaurant and it must use toppings from the list JJ's provides -- but the form does allow you to name one wild card not on the list. JJ's will choose 12 finalists, and will feature each combination on one day, beginning Dec. 11. (Each dog's creator gets to come in that day and try it out.) A winner will be chosen based on number of dogs sold, and its creator will get a $150 Amazon gift card.

Notes the form: "Name it something cool and market the crap out of it. This is America!" There are two JJ's, in Dilworth and Ballantyne;