Friday, December 5, 2014

The Yolk reopens!

The Yolk, a breakfast/lunch place that does a lot more, has reopened at 1912 Mount Gallant Road (Suite 108) at Riverview Commons in Rock Hill.

An electrical fire had closed the restaurant, known for items from classic breakfast standards to Mo-Joe Hash (coffee-marinated steak with sweet potatoes, mushrooms and eggs) to Tennessee fries (specially seasoned), in August.

After four months, almost to the day, owners Greg and Subrina Collier reopened about a mile north, with the help of customers and friends who pitched in financially to the tune of some $8,000, said Subrina Collier.

"It cost almost $100,000 to get open, and (their) money really helped," she said, adding she was able to partially pay employees in need through the period the restaurant was closed. "They're really faithful -- and they're still here!"

Dec. 5 was the first full day back after two soft-opening short days; now it will be open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily, with the exception of Christmas and New Year's. "I'm real big on family stuff," said Subrina.

Chef Greg Collier is doing dinners for some of the big donors, but then plans to start back with scheduled special dinners for the public, she said.

"You know what? Everything happens for a reason," she said. "I'm happy we could come out of it clean, and I was able to do what I wanted to do here." That includes increasing seating capacity from about 50 to 60, getting bigger booths and a community table that seats 20. "The goal was to welcome new people, but not make my other customers feel they couldn't come in."



Anonymous said...

Insurance would have paid all of that, and they did have insurance.