Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lightning, scorpion bowls, 10-foot Moai: Tiki Hideaway keeps it low-key

Look for the Tiki Hideaway to open Dec. 19 at the former Hef's at ParkTowne Village (beside Park Road shopping center). It's "Polynesian Pop," says owner Mike Barrea, designed with a back-wall "temple of doom" with "secret doorways" and a -- well, we'll let the press release describe the place: A "giant Tiki stands watch over a diorama of a Hawaiian Lagoon and the bar is built around a ten foot tall Moai that holds fine and rare rums in his gaping, back lit mouth. Guests will also enjoy live beach scenes
from web cams in the South Pacific, stylized murals spanning twenty feet, an iconic A-frame thatch roof over their heads and choreographed Hollywood clippings that help kick back and escape. Lightning will flash and the ground will rumble when a scorpion bowl the size of a foot bath is ordered."

Classic cocktails share space with rum punches and apothic shrubs in the liquor lineup, while the food, from chef Allen Evans (formerly with Global), is Pacific-Rim-inspired, from taro chips with smoked pineapple salsa to spiced pork belly and beef tataki with green papaya salad. Prices range from about $3 (per oyster, cold smoked with papaya relish, or grilled with miso scallion butter) to $15 (short rib with grilled cabbage and smoked onion marmalade). Hours will be 4 p.m.-midnight Tuesday-Sunday; 1600 E. Woodlawn Road; www.thetikihideaway.com (not up when we checked).